Appliscale has partnered with some of the biggest names in digital advertising, telecom’s, finance and e-commerce. Specialising in the design and development of highly scalable system’s, Appliscale are currently managing the day to day operations of a multi-billion transaction, multi-million dollar a day ad system that they originally architected.

Appliscale consultants bring a depth of experience to any partnership. Extensive engagements using Java, Erlang and C++ on physical and cloud environments of all flavours ( AWS, Softlayer, Azure) ensure that our engineers will always be able to deliver the right solution. All consultants have worked with 10,000+ multinational organisations and are experts in building strong relationships within widely distributed teams.


Scalability experts

We are a team of seasoned engineers experienced in designing and running massive, mission critical, distributed systems. Passionate about software architectures and cloud technologies. Always using the best tools for the job.

Ad tech experts

Years of experience in dealing with the most demanding adtech systems that process billions of requests each day. We have a deep knowledge of current online advertising trends coming from our real hands-on experience.


We can help you in putting visions into real plans and working solutions. Our knowledge could be a key factor in assessing your ideas. We offer expert advice in things like system architecture, strategy for running AWS cloud based systems and performance and scaling.


Our team delivers code of the highest quality. We are communicative and flexible. Familiar with modern methodologies and tools. Always oriented on the business value of designed products and solutions. Our team is agile and always looking to really embed itself in your team.


Our team is a mixture of open minded, passionate people working closely together. Sharing knowledge and being flexible are our key values that define us. Our HQ is located very close to the heart of beautiful and fascinating city of Krakow.

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